Thursday, September 10, 2015


Teachers are those the one who teach people, share their ideas, apply their knowledge to be a good influence and mold each student to be a good individual. They are the one who give their best and sacrifice everything in order to teach and educate everyone. We learn everything because of them.

In all professions, teaching is the most important profession. why? Because how can we become a successful doctor, nurse,or engineer if we don't have knowledge shared and taught by our teachers. That is why, teaching is the most important profession. We can't reach our goals in life without them.

In some places, for example in an island where there is no school, there are teachers who volunteered themselves in order to teach the students or children in that particular island. They just sacrifice their time, effort without any salary and without something in return just to teach to those people.

With this, teachers are our heroes. They are spending their time in school rather than spending time with their families. Without them, we can't learn,we can't find a decent job and most all we can't work with other people.Teachers are also the ones who teaches us to be a good citizen. They too serves as our second parents because they don't just teach us about a particular subject areas but they also teaches us of values.

Teachers are our heroes, are savior,our second parents. They mold us to become knowledgeable and responsible individual. They prioritize teaching rather than themselves. This month we celebrate Teachers Day, this is to appreciate the effort and sacrifices of all the teachers not only here in the Philippines, but all over the world. As a student of this college, I salute and congratulate all the teachers all over the world, for all the sacrifices and all the things they have shared to us to become a good individual.

"Happy Teachers Day to All Teachers all Over the World."

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